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Kadjar 1.6 DCI Engine failure warning

  Clio 182 FF
Hi all,

Been on here for years, so please don't bite my head off for it not being a clio! But after some help regarding a Renault engine...the 1.6 dci.

Recently bought a 65 Kadjar and evey 1st journey after about 5 minutes the car throws a tantrum and pings up a battery symbol or a message "electronic engine failure hazard". But the car still drives as normal.
It either goes away after 2 minutes or continues on that first journey. But goes on restart on the return leg. I've changed the original stop start battery and had a garage check the code and voltage (P2503 code).

Is this common on 1.5/1.6 dci? YouTube hasn't helped and not keen going straight to a dealer.
Any guidance apart from burning my car is appreciated.