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kahn wheelshow much

  Toureg vW Transporte

i am selling my kahn wheels which are 17s and just over a year old,have a few scratches but not bad, am selling them to a mate and i told him 400 quid, he nearly bit my arm off, is this a good price kids?


ClioSport Club Member
  ST 225, PH1 172

Well ask yourself how much would you be prepared to pay for them, would you really pay £400 for some 2nd hand, 1 year old, kerbed alloys?

I would say £400 is reasonable.

I wouldnt pay anymore for second hand alloys. If you look out for deals then you can pick up bargin 17" wheels for £600 upwards. My mate got some Kahn RSZs for £700 and somthing from Extreme!!

Yeah but with what tyres, my Kahns are un marked with 205 40 17 Goddyear Eagles GSd2s which are hardly worn. Any offers would be good


  Audi TT Stronic

If I didnt have a holiday booked I would make a decent offer to you Tim.. cause I like the Khans and was looking for a set before I decided to go on a holiday.

Yeah my mates did come with 205/40/17 tyes as well.

To be honest Tim ever1 knows Kahns are class wheels and when i tried to get them i was looking at a little over a grand for them (kahn rsss)

I reckon if yours are mint then £550 if slight kerbed then £450
  Toureg vW Transporte

so 400n sounds ok to me with gud tyres, they are very class wheels,ill have to get a few more photos before they go