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Kettering leisure village

  MK3 Clio DCI 86
Spotted just now going towards the gym ? Black 182 FF with CS stickers in the side windows.

Sounded awesome, had a nice deep rumble to it. Can't bloody remember the reg :/
  MK3 Clio DCI 86
Ah nice one! I was with the Mrs having a walk and spotted you when you passed the childrens park thing. You sounded lovely! :eek:

Hopefully getting a BG 182 FF soon :)
  BG 182 FF
Ah yes I remember now saw you next to the track with 2 little kids, thanks I think it sounds nice too not mental like the yozza but a bit beefyer than the standard system.Nice one mate BG is the best colour, il keep my eye out then
  Black Clio 182
I'm just down the road, between Wellingborough and Northampton. Also drive a BG 182 and am quite often in Kettering...