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Key help Asap!

  Impreza WRX
Hey guys, my key has just died a death on me, and have to get the car back on the road by 6pm!

Does a new key have to come from Renault or can anyone in the yellow pages sort it?

Thanks guys
  Impreza WRX
Had trouble with it for ages, wouldn't switch immobiliser off. Now it's finally given up I can't get into the car, lock has seized on the door!
  Golf GTD Mk7
sounds like a new key if it's not doing the immobiliser. What other symptoms you having if it's been doing this for ages. Any mechanical etc.
  Impreza WRX
hi guys sorry for late reply

called my local stealers and they want £230, and a week wait

called a guy out from chester. £140.
  Impreza WRX
not sure what it was bud!

They tried new batteries just to make sure when they got here, tried everything to get the key working, and its just dead.

Still £140 not bad is it?
  RB FF 182
£140 is pretty good if they gave you a new fob on the spot!

I had to order a fob from a local specialist at the cost of £156 and had to wait a week!