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kit car

hi all i am thinking about getting a kit car (just to keep the miles down on the clio)
i had a go in a 2.0L cortina based one and it was fun

maybe just a cheap 1600 version but it would b a laugh to have a 2 seater rwd car to burn about in on sunny days does any 1 where to find 1 or what to look for ect !!! any advice welcome
  R5 Gordini Turbo

Caterham. I am luck as I get to use one from the factory on a regular basis, so I am bound to biased.

Wozza, nice choice dood. !

yep, I had the stell delivered a few weeks back for the winter project locost.

It will be running a modifyed 172 turbo unit and getrag gearbox / Sierra IRS.


idearly i dont want a full build as i dont have a great deal of knowledge would rather look at a half finished project or a finished 1 what sort of price am i looking at ?

joe any pick and info would b a help

mail me on

ta john

Simple m8.. get yerslef to any halford.. and look in the book section for a book entitled how to build and race a sports car for £250

Seriously.. !!.. thats the Locost concept.. its all explained, full plans, parts, links, pics, - everything you need..

complete chassis can be had for £500-700 if ya dont want to weld.. body panle kits from £350... and a doner car for £30 - £50

Take a look...


the welding aint a problem but but can u use any car for a donnor as i have my last car which was an citroen zx 1.6i fwd could i use this or would it b easier to go and get an old mk 2 escort or something ??

yep, go and get an old grenada, escort, cortina etc...

A great engine choice if you dont use ford is the rover k series..1.8.. all alloy, light, strong as F&$K and tunable.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Or even a old Motorbike engine and box...sequential shifting!!

Just need to hook it to a decent rear diff.

well not fussed if i have it as a project over xmas i am sure i can sweet talk the boss into letting me have some workshop space or at a stretch the gararge
  172 sport,

why you no phone me foool ive had one me mate had one and me other mates dad has just finished a robin 7 2.0 sierra gear piece of piss m8 and if me new carreer go,s ahead ill have way too much spare time on me hands with shag all to do