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Knackered car update!!!!!!

  Leon Cupra

As some of you may know about a month ago now my 172 decided to self-destruct and it was taken back to Wolverhampton Renault, my first impression was that the engine had blown. Anyway 2 days after the car had gone in to the dealer I had a phone call from Renault UK asking me if it was OK for them to take my car from the W-ton dealership back to there HQ, so I said fine thinking that if Renault UK were involved I might get it back a bit quicker (or so I thought). I got another phone call 2 or 3 days later informing me that there was going to be a formal investigation into this case and if the outcome was in favour of Renault I would be billed for all of the costs that Renault UK had incurred, but if I withdraw my warranty clame now I would not receive any bill (cheeky w*****s!!!). Obviously I said to carry on with the case because I had nothing to hide, at which point this person informed me that there was going to be a technician inspecting my car that very next day and this would be my only chance to withdraw my clame. Another few days past and I had another phone call telling me that the technician was not happy with the cause of the failure (e.g. trying to insinuate that I had been caneing it when it had blown) and that he wanted to take the cylinder head off the engine. Again I said fine I had nothing to hide go ahead with it, to which I was once again reminded that if this came out in there favour I would be billed but I said go ahead. Then over the next two and-a-half weeks after many phone calls them they would release no info at all, until today. In this call I was informed that they had ruled in favour of me to which I replied “surprise surprise” and that my car had been taken back to the dealer for work to start on it (in other words a month down the line there has still been fcuk all done to my car). I also asked what had actually happened to my car and the guy said that all he had been told that it was a “gear box fault” and the technical department had not released the report, sounds a bit suss to me??? Might be a good idea to ask the dealer what parts they are actually replacing. Hoping that my car will be back soon and ill keep you lot posted when I get it back.


So they make the worlds fastes hot hatch and blacme you for driving it fast!!! nutters......

when we had an engine blow on us, it was entirely a manufacturing fault, as it wil almost certainly be in your case. So, its their responsability to give you a car that works....warrenty.

they cant supply a performance car and expect you not to go over 5000rpm.

Tim, I would immediately issue a claim against them for mental anguish and harassment..

they CANNOT get away with that sh*t.. no way. !

and, I would love to see them squirm..

w*****s !.


In a weird way I kinda want it to happen to me!! Just so I can teach them a lesson. Imagine I got a replacement car for a few spec of rust, imagine if id had a blown engine! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Im sure youll learn lessons freom this Tim, I personally wouldnt have let them muck me around for so long, theyd have had one week, max, to sort it out!!
  Leon Cupra

As some other guy said on this forum when you tell them your going to write to Watchdog or Auto Express they don’t seem to be bothered in the slightest, what else can you do if there not bothered about a public slating on the T.V or in car mags. I’m just glad they are getting on with it now, I was getting quite worried at one point it looked like they went going to do it. If they start dragging there feet again ill give you guys a shout.


Hi Tim.. u got it all wrong dood lol

your going to write to Watchdog or Auto Express they don’t seem to be bothered in the slightest, what else can you do if there not bothered about a public slating on the T.V or in car mags

Its just that they DONT BELIEVE you will do it m8... its called a double bluff !! - oldest trick in the game..

both barrels usually work.. but make sure you actually DO HAVE a plan B


I have got to agree with Captain Slarty here. I would definatly make a claim against them. I would also tell them exactly where they can poke their 172 as it is British law that all goods sold must be of mechantable quality and you are entitled to a full refund.
Tim, I do hope you have a courtesy car paid for or supplied by them and if I were in your shoes I would demand a brand new 172. The worse they can do is say no and then you have the option to claim your money back and buy another brand new one.
They have admitted its their fault, the ball is in your court.

  Leon Cupra

Might just let them fix it rather than kicking up a fuss, it would just give them another excuse to stall the progress that has been made so far. I have been getting very worried over the past few weeks it’s a great load off my mind just to know they are actually fixing it.