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knocking at front of mk1 172 on suspension

  172, Westfield
When I go over certain bumps I get a knocking from what sounds like the front suspension. The car has H&R coilovers but the knocking only recently started and nothing catches. I think it might be one of the struts so should I try and tighten it up. I seem to remember when I looked at this before when you turn the strut nut in the engine bay the whole unit spins so you cant really tighten it!
Any ideas?
  Chelsea tractor
You need to put an allen key in that nut when you tighten it!

Grab the brake calipers from behind and rock them to see if they make a bad noise? Could be the caliper pins being gay or the caliper body? That's what mine was.
are your wheels up tight?

i would be taking the struts off... cleaning, inspecting and re-tightening everything if it was my car.
Wheels are torqued up.

Done the top mounts up with an air gun too :S

Gonna beg Mike to take a look I think.
hi i no on most cars if its only one or two knocks as you go over the speed ramps or bumps its normally the anti roll bar bush. hope that helps