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Knocking from rear under braking.182

  Clio 182
Hi all,
I seem to have developed a slight knocking from the rear left under braking. It’s a rotational noise that only occurs under braking. It can also only be heard when the car is coasting.
I’ve had a mooch about on here and found a few relevant threads suggesting sticky brake sliders and wheel torque.
This morning I stripped and cleaned the brakes on the relevant side and cleaned and greased the slider pins. Then obviously retorquing the wheel afterwards. However the noise is still there. Does anyone have any ideas?


ClioSport Club Member
The rear is very simple (thankfully). The number of things it can be is very limited.

It will either be the rear shock absorber (its self, however usually they leak before wearing to the point of knocking), the rear shock absorber lower bush, the shock absorber top mount or the rear beam bushes.

It could also be something lose and bashing about.

With the car in the air and handbrake off give the rear wheel a good shake about, then move around hitting things to see if they are lose. However there is a good chance it it either one of the shock rubbers or the beam bushes. Rear shocks are very cheap even for OEM, the Renault ones come with top mounts too I think. If you haven't already changed the rear shocks there is a good chance they are due anyway - seem to be a 20k part.