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Knocking noise

  Nothing at the mo :(
I know this is another "knocking noise thread" But i have searched and the knocking ones dont seem like mine :S

For e.g

Il be stationary and my wheel/steering wheel is straight, if i turn either left or right i get a knock..

So if i just say turn the wheel once left it will knock, then if i turn it right it will knock. This isnt on full lock just in general turning left/right

Only happens when stationary or going under 3-4mph
  PH1 V6
^ This is why me and Ben thought it was the steering rack ^ HOWEVER the tracking was spot on and so was the camber etc. We check all the track rod ends etc.... only other thing it could be is the rack clamps need tightening!
  PH1 V6
They are two clamps which bolt the rack to the subfrae AFAIK! cheap to fix and replace if needs be!