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I get a knocking from the o/s front wheel when turning, but the bit thats foxing me is,, its only doing it when the cars cold??????? ie......1st thing in the morning & then when i come out of work.

My 1st impression was the bearing, but could it be the cv joint could do with re-greasing?????? Any help please?

Oh,,, its a 92 16v (y)

hmmm sounds to me mate that ur steering rack has gone....most possibly one of the track rods needs replacing (not track rod ends)

i had that with my blue 16 16v, would only do it 1st thing in the morn or when left for a good few hours - other than that its fine.

if u can get the wheel u think the noise is coming from and give it a good woggle left n right, ie push it towards the engine bay then towards u. there should be no play in the wheel whatsoever, if there is - uh oh lol

also have a look for uneven tyre wear, my passenger front tyre is completely bald on the inner edge now.

lots of ppl told me it could be, ball joints, anti roll bushes, track ends, suspension, top mounts, so look for those too - but as u said the 1st thing in the morning thing, this sends alrm bells ringing. sort it quick chap - my wheels now point in opposite directions, one straight withe the steering wheel and the passenger one about an inch to the left.

track rod kits from ren are about 60 quid.

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah Ray could be right. But I had this exact same problem for months and months on my 16v and changed everything, wishbones, balljoints, bushes, bearings, top mounts, the lot. In the end, at the end of my tether, I changed the top engine mount (even though it wasnt worn at all) and it fixed it for good. It sounded like it was an offside suspension problem and when it was cold it would really knock quite loudly over bumps in the road, even the smallest. Then as the car warmed up it went away.

I had the opposite, my car was quiet when cold, but once warmed up there was a hellish clonk going round slow right handers, i.e urban driving with 90 degree turns and the clonk was coming from front right of the car.

I couldnt suss it, and I asked everybody and thier dog for an opinion after they looked. It turned out to be the exhaust knocking at the front and two new rubber mounts fixed it. What I am trying to say is nobody diagnosed it as the exhaust, so might be worth a look

Alex M

Cheers guys...........I see weve narrowed it down to about 8 things then!!:eek: Ill have a look & see whats going on in there...