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Koni adjustables front only?

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I wouldnt imagine it would be to great, probably lots of understeer with the front being stiffer that the back. I find a hard rear and soft front is a good setup. Cant be to hard to find some rear koni dampers for cheap.
Would the above be a good set-up with standard rear shocks and Eibach springs all round? Going on a track only car.
I had my first outing at Oulton on Friday with my newly fitted koni's/Eibach's on the front and Koni/MF rears, it wasn't the best.:dapprove:
I really think they're more suitable for fast road, they will be coming off to be replaced by something that will adjust a lot firmer.
The dive under braking was just like being on a motorbike, the rear end twitching all around the place with the odd threat to overtake the front.

A friend who was there, with his much mocked Gas coilovers, was able to carry more speed into and hence out of most corners :eek:
Didn't work for me but others may have different views.
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I definitely wouldn't put odd suspension on my car....

Keep saving and buy some decent coilovers, standard with a whiteline ARB would be better then odd shocks.