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Ktec turbo conversion

  Citreon Berlingo MPV
For some reason I cannot reply to the thread I started with the same name, it may be because it was moved, don't know. However Legohead said that by bitching on a public forum i GOT LOADS OF FREE STUFF. Completely untrue, Legohead if you read my post I said that I misunderstood Daves offer of help and should not have made those posts.

Dave offered to do all that work before I went public, it was my mistake, I misunderstood him. Dave is no mug and certainly wouldn't be held to ransom, all he wanted to do was to get the car running right, which he did.

Again Thanks Ktec.
Yes, i had this too once. Started a thread in this section thanking K-tec for their service and soon after it got moved to the "members" section where i could no longer react.

Do'nt worry , nothing personal ;-)