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Labelled Tyres

  55 Clio 182, C2 VTS
Just saw this on BBC News website:

I think its a fairly good idea, especially for non-enthusiasts of cars, those who simply use their car as a tool.

I suppose there will inevitably be extra costs that will have to be passed on to the consumer. Afterall, the manufacturers will probably have a set of tests that they have to perform on a percentage of tyres produced and I'd imagine the cost of the actual labels will have to be met by the manufacturer aswell, so another hike in price is inevitable.

I know there will be those that say that the tyres are marked up sufficiently already, I'd tend to agree, but for the people out there who may come from non-driving families (Non of my G/F's family drove before she passed her test) it gives them a clearer "picture" of the tyres performance capabilities. Ideal for those that dont know their Dunlops from Ditchfinders! :rasp:

What are peoples thoughts?
  Mk4 Mondeo Estate
If it raises the price of tyres then I think it is a waste of time. You can research the information before you buy tyres so don't really see the need.
  306 GTI-6
Its a good idea in principle as there are no official noise ratings, just peoples opinions, at least this will be an actual measured rating.

Of course, the noise will vary from car to car, but it should give some idea.

What the news article I read seemed to suggest though, that people will be able to easily choose a tyre thats stops quicker, has better fuel efficiency, and is quiter. These rarely all come hand in hand IMO
  Turbo 182 Alfa 159
No raise in tyre prices that i have seen yet.

Noise one is pointless as it is from outside the car, not an inside test.

Wet grip is a good one though, although for people already buying performance tyres such as Michelin/Pirelli its pretty obvious they will have high wet grip/poor fuel efficiency.

After its been in a while though, it will get rid of certain cheap shite as they wont make it passed the guidelines so eventually/hopefully only decent stuff will be available.


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
Seems like a sound idea. Helps Joey Blogs out when looking who wouldn't have a scooby doo otherwise. My old man buys some awful crap