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Laptop problem

  Nissan Jewk
I've got a strange problem with my laptop. Basically, regardless whatever browser I'm using or what program i'm in, everything seems to hang. For example, i'll be reading this website using Firefox, then it will hang (with egg-tier type thing), saying page not responding.... this will last maybe a minute, then it'll work ok. During this minute, its almost like the whole laptop is on a mega go-slow mode, nothing really works.

It's almost like theres a CPU heavy process running in the background, but have checked and theres nothing. I've run CCleaner, Ad-aware, malware, OneCare, and they have found nothing.

Its annoying as whilst I work nights, I do like to watch a movie, but halfway through anything I watch, it will freeze and thats the end of that.

Any ideas?!?
  182 Cup
Jeez if you've run all the cleaning programs and it doesnt have a virus the only thing left to try would be to reinstall it? If that still doesnt work must be hardware