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Large Clio Sport Sticker

Would anyone like the Large Clio Sport sticker. First person to supply address details can have it.


Not many exclusives around and my number plate is quite a give away (if you know my name). Sorry I did not see you this morning, travel the coast road every morning of to Regent Center where I work (as a glorified typist).


Renault Diamond Key Ring up for grabs.

As much as I love my clio I have decided to defect to the dark side and orderd a CTR. Before you say anything I will always promote the benefits of the 172 (as there are many) but one thing I need a little bit more of is space.

To cut a long story short, rather than give the nice keyring to the dealers I will post the key ring to the person (in my opinion) relpies with the best joke.

Only Jokes submitted before 12pm tonight will be considered.

Start typing..
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I did toot but you mustnt have heard.

You were stuck in traffic at the time on a slip road just before Jesmond. Didnt notice the reg though! Was travelling to work from g/fs to the Swan House Roundabout where I work as a glorified Honda Civic Type R basher (work collegue has one!)
  Astra 1.9cdti XP


Just dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Order has already been placed and my car goes to some lucky new owner on Thursday.

Your collegeues is it a black one H4 ***?
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

No ND51 ***

Why have you chosen the CTR? If I was changing now the only thing I would consider would be a Leon Cupra R (280bhp easy) or a scooby.

Not much of an improvement over a 172, and therre way too common saw 3 on the way to work this morning.

Are you getting yours on thurs?

If I am honest I quite like the styling of the CTR. I did look at the Curpa R (210bhp I think) and it would have been a very real option if it did not only come in the canary yellow. If I had a choice I would have an S3 but money is tight at the moment.

One of the problems that the market is being flooded with import 172s and with the introduction of the cup the dealers are a little weary of giving you a decent price for yours.

My friend at work has a WRX STI and it is the doggs bo!!ocks. What I wouldnt do for £27000 and to have one. For the price you pay there is no better value than the 172 but I did not want to pay to much more.

Just read in AutoExpress about the FocusRS, now that looks like a possible purchase in the future..
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

The Lean Cupra comes in black and Red also. Im gonna wait till it comes out and then see what I can get for mine. £16,995 otr with 18" as standard + all the other 172 goodies + £280 ecu remap to 260+ bhp. Now were talking!!!!