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Last minute Portsmouth meet - this Friday evening 22nd Feb.

Hi all,

All being well I am due to collect my car from Mike this Friday, I figured that while I'm down your way I'd quite fancy to get a meet on the go. Maybe do an evening meal or something ?
I'm not sure where's good to go etc as I don't live there, but I'm up for it!

If you are interested and have an idea on where to go, let's hear your thoughts.

I don't know how to put the mailing list down, if one of you could do it I'd really appreciate it!

Cheers !!


South Central-South Coast
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  Megane R26
I should be able to make this now ?

When I'm back home il create an event and get some messages out there.


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  Clio 172
@cat171 you like a good big mac.. try a Micks belly buster ? i’m on a night shift otherwise I would!


ClioSport Admin
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I miss the gutbuster :( I'd be there if I didn't now live 600 miles away ?