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Leaking Oil?! *Pictures*

So i noticed about a week ago there was some oil my manifold so i cleaned it out and gave it a a few days to see if it was actually leaking, and it is... Im no mechanic so i thought id ask on here before taking it in to be looked at.. here are some pics of the area the oil is appearing :

Any help would be great, thanks :)


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ive done so many rocker gaskets on the f and k engines recently, take forever and cost loads to do.


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
So im looking at a big job, or are you saying that if it isnt the seals round the bolts?

If you are looking at having the whole rocker resealed then yes this is a big job.

I had mine done at the same time as a Cam Belt Kit...

TBH If its not Leaking 'to badly' then i would just keep cleaning it up and keeping an eye on your Oil Level until your belt is due next.
  Clio 172 RS2
The big job is just because Renault fitted the inlet manifold over the camcover... so that has to come off. Time consuming when done at a dealer, like throwing money away.

Same when changing sparkies... inlet manifold has to make way.

Like Scott & -J- say, no big deal... it's just sweating.
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i think the time consuming part of the job is removing the actually rocker cover because you have to time the engine and lock cams and crank and remove cam sprockets etc.
Whip the plenum off and see where its leaking from. If its the bolt seal it up, if its the rocker just leave it till next time you get a cam belt change