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Leaking Sunroof

Ok, Ive had this for quite a while now and its getting stupid. £180 for a new seal and surrounds, so thats not going to happen ;).

The seal is letting water in - I thought I sussed it with Vaseline around it, but after washing the car today, it started all coming in again. :(.

I know some of you have had the same thing (The metal trough-like thing filling up with water, overflowing and coming into the car) - How did you fix it? I have searched and got some vauge explainations (silicon around the rim) - Ok, Which rim? Where? and how much?

What would be very cool (and Im sure help a lot of people in the future) is that if someone could take some pictures of how they did it - but a detailed explaination would be fantastic.

Its getting a bit much now - I can stand the water dripping in to a certain extent for a few minutes, but the condensing on the windows afterwards and not being able to see, the damp seats and generally very damp car is a bit too much - specially as winter is approaching quickly.

Thanks for any help,

Im getting well fed up of getting a wet backside every time its been raining, it drips right on to the drivers seat in mine!

Help sorting it would be appreciated.

I siliconed-up the nut which fastens the radio ariel, directly above said tray that holds the lights. I also cover my car in a garage - so that helps! But since I did the ariel, I havent had any leaks on the occasions that my car sees rain.

Im going to try something which weight pointed out to me earlier... see what happens.

Ill let you know.


Mine used to do the same. After heavy rain,you,d set off & a waterfall would come pouring out of the roof console where the sunroof switch is.

A trip to Renault & a quote like yours Daz, made me investigate. Found the aeriel mounting seemed a bit loose & that got me wondering. Took the aeriel off & smothered the mounting plate with windscreen seal & put it all back on again........Hey presto.....2 months down the line & it hasnt leaked again!

Worth a try m8.

Windscreen sealant....£2.99

New seals......£180

I know why i tried the sealant first!!


...sounds just a bit cheaper :) !!

yknow, ive had my baby 1month and am wel surprised by al the crappy niggly things wrong with it - nothin major, the mechanical sides sweet - but apart from the leak ive got a sticking driver elec window button (could be dangerous if someone got in the way of it :) !), the clock works when it feels like it, and my heater direction selector refuses to move, feels like its stuck somewhere...thats gonna be a dash-off job i think!!!!

so does everyone have crappy probs like me or am i just unlucky?!!!

My fans work when they wanna, and only on number 2 force, sunroff, as mentioned, window wipers when on intermitant work as normal. If you turn the wipers off, they stay where they are, i.e at the top of the screen, hjalf way down etc etc. Oil pressure/temp dont wrok on dash (gtt clocks) ned some vacum hose for dump valve as melted the last bit lol

Gonna try get some sorted today, vacum hose and heater probs.