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leaky sunroof help

  clio 1.2
Hi all got water coming in by the bucket load from one of the corners of my sunroof I don't think its. The seal because it all looks good any ideas would be very much aprieciated
  Cooksport Fleet
My gfs did this, i took the frame out, siliconed around the edge and put it back in. Hasnt leaked since!
  Clio MK3 Work in progress
Will be the seal, may look ok but obs isn't. AS said above, take out and silicone seal and put back in. Or replace the seal with a new one.


ClioSport Club Member
  lots of clios.
my sunroofs been leeking for weeks, too lazy tofix it but ill be doing whats been said aswell when i get round to it ;)
  1.2 Dynamique billabong
if you do silicon it as said take it out completely and do it properly, i tried to do a few quick fixes from the inside but it didnt work. however when i took the time to remove the whole frame and reseal all the parts its been fine ever since
  G51 BEN
i find that putting a jug on my drivers seat works a treat... not only does it keep my seat dry but i get a nice drink before i drive to work in the morning....

enough of the serious stuff now... has anyone put a guide up?
  SG9 Forester STi
Mine does this too and the seal looks fine, guess I'll have to go with the clear silicone idea.
  BG 182 FF
My sunroofed leaked in the old clio, took it apart let everything dry out for a day as it was really bad, clear the sunroof channels to, where the water would normal escape from and re-sealed it, job done. Seems to be a common problem