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Leather or Alcantara

  Skoda Fabia vRS

gettin a steerin wheel for xmas off the mrs, but i dunno whether to get it in leather or alcantara

what does alcantara feel like and whats it like for wear, i dont want suede cos it wears for too fast an i do a lot of mileage
  320d M Sport

get leopard skin.........

Seriously, alcantra was fitted to Mk1 172, u get leather on Mk2, reno changed it for some reason?
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

leathers better wearing. But its up to you. got a leather momo race steering wheel in mine cant fault it, had a sparco suede one before nicer feel but was scared of getting it dirty with oily hands etc.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hmmmm, i think ill go for the leather then, basically i need it hard wearing and i cant really get somethin that i dont know what it feels like

cheers guys