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LED Dash Conversion

Right I have everything but I don't want to do it myself as I don't want to buy the equipment for something I'll use once and I don't trust myself.

I have the exact smds and LEDs to do it but would like someone to fit them for me localish for money ofcourse.

I just need the clocks, dials, windows and lock buttons done.

Can anyone do this please?

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  Slow red one
Search for richy22 he is local and done my old clio, does soldering as part of his job I believe. He used to come to meets but now has an evo.
  Bumder With A Buffer
Im here! :)

Apologies I dont frequent this place much...just usually flitter around in the GC section.

Take a photo of what type of dash you have and what bits you want doing and il see how long it will take me, I do struggle to find time to do it though nowadays..dont know why though!
Oh cool.

It's the standard mk2 ph2 dash (goes up to 150) and just need the speedo dials, rev dials, mile counter, clock, window switches. I bought the kit from crazyled's so have all the right ones.

I'll get a photo tommorow.
  Bumder With A Buffer
Im an old man remember...I seem to fall asleep most of the time now in my spare time! :eek:

Il attempt to get to one of the next meets!


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  LY 200 EDC
This is something i'm looking at having done too after seeing a phase 1 dash with different colour SMDs... looks cool
  Monaco Blue 172
hi guys, just wondering where abouts to get the Dash LED's from ? just ebay it ? or is there anywhere cheap ? and are they all standard size ?