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LED strip door handle

i think it would look nice on my car . i was in halfords today and seen a led strip that sits under the door handle . my question is what would i need to connect it to in order to get the leds to come on when i open the car from the blip . and that they turn of after 10 or 15 seconds after i get into the car . what would i need to wire it up to in order for this to work would i need a timmer or something also so i set it to go of after a short spell of time . what would be the best place to wire it up to
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Maybe wire it up to your interior light? that way comes on when you unlock the car and goes of when door is closed

Stuff from halfords never turns out how you like it though
never thought of the in car light thanks mate . how the hell do i get a wire from the door handle to the light inside the car without ripping the roof apart . i no halfords stuff is crap but its only a 3inch strip of leds
  '02 Clio Sport 172
Pick up the interior light connection lower down, it runs up one of the A pillars, not sure which side though. Then just splice into it (properly) & run the wire with through the normal route in the gap between door & body through to the handle. Best bet is to see if you can squeeze the wire through a gap fit the LED Strip then pull the wire tight from the inside, if not you'll have to drill a small hole for it.

Obviously door card off to do this, but you can leave the headlining well alone.
Hope that helps?

Do it right & it should look quite good! (not my car, just for reference)

cheers for the help guys . i will wait till sunday as it sayes its not going to rain . saying that when is the weather man ever right
  Renaultsport Clio 172 Cup
wire it to your key fob/alarm system mate. my mate did it to his, turned on evertime he opened his car and turned off thereafter ;) quiet hard to do though
wouldnt the door handle lights come on everytime you turn you interior light on using the on button :S

Jat_172cup's idea sounds more better..

might have to do this myself :p
went to halfords and bought them £9.99 for 2 . about 4" long with 2 wires coming out 1 end . i just need to find the best place to take a feed from before i go about doing it . i will post pics when i have done it . i was going to buy the blue coloured ones but thought the white would be nicer as my 172 is silver . anyway i will let u no how i do it the alarm would be better way yes mate i like the sound of that ... i will try and let u all no
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Tbh I think it looks nice in white. Mike_08 had em on his Ibiza. They could of looked nice in white but they were blue, ghey and f**kafied.
Keep us updated. x