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Leon Cupra R

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

No about the same to 60, 172 is quicker to 100 by 1 second. Cupra is good for 146mph though.

172 should handle better though.

Cupra R looks excellent up close, on its 18" alloys, test drove one and quite liked it but I was looking for a smaller car and the 172 handled a lot better.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Leon is too much of a boat around a track to be any sort of contender. Would be completely toasted by a 172.

I think the leon is quicker on the road 60-100, someone i work with has one and was noticably pulling away from me in 3rd/4th. I have driven one and wasnt impressed with the handling or gearbox.

I raced a new one last week for about one mile, through 3 roundabouts. not much in it from 0-60, It shot off, I was right behind it, probably would have been pulling in head if I was infront, then in about third or so I was licking his bumper, my 172 was definately on top of things at this point. Still a very quick piece of kit.