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Lexus rear light pics

Smart mate ! Very nice ! I like them on the black ! May have to invest in a set of them myself, would look great if you have clear side repeaters too !

I must say I generally hate modifications (i think they bastardise the car) and plan to keep my own Clio stock, but these are very undersated and genuinely look good. Good choice.

dont suppose u could post some pics of what they look like at night?

its the only complaint i have with lexus lights, they sometimes look rather rubbish in the dark
  Clio V6 255

mmm, not so sure, I still think the standard ones look better, but a few night piccies might change my mind!!

JillyB - Come on now, you know they would look better on silver ;)

Seriously though, since I saw them on the piccies of the Ktec car at Trax I thought they looked smart :)

James is it possible you could email me your pics of your lights cus i cant view them via your link i think i need to update my pc :)">

thanks mate richard

I will find out who makes them tomorrow - the box is at the office. They are however made in Taiwan!!

The lights are growing on me now - i wasnt too sure at first, but after spending all day minting the motor, they look mad! And yes, they are very easy to fit....

I paid £167 inc vat from K-Tec... forgot to mention for the 5% discount.... duh!

Rap172 - will send you the pics tomorrow.

As the standard phase2/mk2 rearlights fits the phase1/mk1 these Lexus style rearlights should fit the phase1 aswell. If you dont mean the older shape like the valver. Have a look at He has mk2 lights on his mk1.


soorry peeps but i dont like em, never have.. even on lexus just think they look ..... well ... a bit naf and daft really...
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Not sure on them but might if I saw them in the flesh so to speak. I have never really been a fan of Lexus style lights although I do like them on the new Mazda 6 and the forthcoming RX-8.


  Shiny red R32

There is a young guy near me who has these Lexus lights on his silver Saxo and they look pretty good. Come to think of it this car has everything on it, each time I see him something else has been added/changed. Next time I see him I will take a pic of them to post here.

Which reminds me to ask Jas if pictures can still be posted against this blue background?

Ill try and post the pics, not sure how to do it though!!

Just to let you all know, Im putting these lights up for sale. They are only 4 days old and I took them of my car yesterday. £ 140 secures them (free carrige too).

Mail me:">