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As a follow up to Reno sheff sccuffing my alloy on my cup they sneakly swapped the tyre around so it was on inside out sort of speak!

Whe I confronted them about it they said they didnt have the facility and then low and behold I see they stock tyres and recall the RHYS172 had hois whell fitted there!

And they arent taking the blame so Im falking out for a new alloy!

Sh*t heads! Boycott the place I say!


thats awful, you cant trust anyone these days with cars, and main dealers often seem to be the worst..

as a solution though, you could get the wheel refurbed for about 40-50 quid, the wheel will be as new when done. i investigated thios when i kerbed my own cup allow a few days after buying it.



All dealers with a service facility have the ability to remove your wheels or else they wouldnt be able to replace brakes etc (or check them) so as said above, report them to Renault UK.


Theyve also fitted tyres to mine too, so they are talking sh1te! Have you spoken to the service manager - I went in his nice little office for a chat (where he called me a liar) and by the time I came out they decided to replace the damaged parts for free... Stick to your guns mate!