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light issue.. help please.

Hey all,

Right, the passenger side tail light has stopped working on my twingo rs. I have tested the bulb on the other side and it is fine so its not the bulb. The brake light ( the brake light is in the same bulb as the tail light) and the other lights are fine it is just the tail light on the passenger side does not work.

Along with this, the number plate lights do not work and the passenger side front sidelight does not work either.

Please help!! ive gone through everything and have no idea!!!
pictures to illustrate the problem:

lights on:


brakes on:

  Mk1 1993 1.4 RT
possible fuse?? loose connection??

sound more like a fuse if the passenger side headlight and number plates are not working too!

just a guess... im no mechanic!


It's the fuse, one fuse does the drivers side tail light and the other fuse does the passenger side tail light and the number plate light.

Have you had your head unit out recently?
nopes..just seems to have gone!!:(

thanks for the help! i will go fuse hunting tomorrow and hopefully sort it out!