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Lights, *CAMERA* Action!!!

  Mk2 172

Could someone give me a bit of help with all this video malarky? I wanna burn a bit more of my student overdraft up with a digital camera that can do a bit of recording as well, something that I might be able to copy to my PC and do a bit of basic editing with Adobe Premiere. Now there are literally hundreds and f**king thousands of different types of cameras on eBay, what do I look for and what do I avoid?

What cameras do some of you guys and gals have and are they any good? I dont wanna spend more than a ton, would like to be able to record a several minutes of film with sound, not sure if thats possibly on the budget Im on but???

Help appreciated...:D


  Audi TT Stronic

maybe he is gonna film his clio with the camera ? ;)

depends on your budget but if you want to do full digital editing make sure you get a camera with a dv in/out.

its important to get the "in" part so that you can send your edited (on premier) footage back to the camera digitally.
  Mk2 172

Yeah sorry what with every1 making their own videos lately I think Im missing out. Havent got any pics of my car on my comp or uploaded either.