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Locking wheel nut key


ClioSport Moderator

In a box looking like that
  Renault clio campus
I wish someone would! Going for new tyres tomorrow for MOT. ITV in spain
Would it have been just lose in the glove box? In a container? Hidden somewhere in there?


ClioSport Club Member
The point is that there isn't a secret dedicated place for the locking wheel nut key. On my mk2 1.2 it was just inside the plastic box with the spare set of locking wheel nuts, I kept it in the glove box. If it's not there and not in the wheel well, I'd check it's not with your documents for the car (dealers often give you the locking key with the keys and service history when you pick it up). Otherwise it could be anywhere.
  Renault clio campus
Thank you but the plastic box contained wheel nuts and two parts to remove ordinary wheel nuts. No room in the box for a removal key. Thanks anyway for your help. The manual says it should be in the glove box. Maybe it was originally