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Long lasting, quick & easy to apply protection

It turns out the RX7 is so old school it doesn't have a clear coat, but that means it needs more care really to prevent it fading in the UV.

I loathe polishing & waxing, so I need some sealant that I can apply over Blackhole quickly and easily. I'd use Colli 476 but frankly I hate spending all that time applying and buffing then repeating etc.

Any recommendations?


ClioSport Club Member
Zaino Z2? Sealant, should last 6 months..

If your wanting to last longer then your best with a nano sealent but then you'll need to have a perfect base ie. machine polish then ipa wipe down no glaze etc..


ClioSport Club Member
It sounds like you want a long lasting spray sealants. Not many around tbh. Opti-seal is one but again I would go with 476 it's the longest lasting hybrid wax available.

Zaino Clear seal is another good one spray.