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Look what I found behind the dash of my 172

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

BTW why is it called a BLACK box when it is clearly err well .... ORANGE ?

##Scratches head looking puzzled##

I thought it was the ECU

There must be an FDR somewhere, this is the voice recoder, so WHERE is the Flight Data Recorder ???

I do notice Renault expected the worst and fitted it with an undersea beacon transponder.. so I feel much safer driving along the cliff tops near the sea now..

  7.6cc :D

I dont know about the box Joe, but you appear to have a pink tissue *snigger* and some Rennies in your car

dont ya like the pink.. I thought it was very pretty

ps.. I also found these in the glove box...

seems my 172 is fitted with a flight management computer and a SideWinder Missile arming and control panel (It could be a NOS arm panel though ??..

now THAT would be useful...

anyone got a spare sidewinder ???

Might have to see whats in the boot later.. could have a couple of ejector seats in there...


With all the electronic gizzmos are you doing a Knight Rider Kit as well as a turbo conversion....Ahhh I see it the turbo is for the super pursuit mode. Just dont give it a camp voice!!
  320d M Sport

Err, JOE?? Hello? You amaze me more every day? You should be on that scraphead challenge show, bet youd love it making a spaceship or summat??


Sooooo, I didnt mention the 737 cockpit project, or, the buying and selling of aircraft parts ?? lol.. (The CVR (Black Box) is out of a 747, it was used on the credits for channel 4 black box series a few years back. ..

And, I would LOVE to do scrap heap challenge.. if there is another series we should enter a team !

  Clio v6

JillyB posted 06/09/2002 12:26 GMT Pearl Black 172 (Thomas)

Joe, that records all the naughty shananigans you get up to on the "back seat"

Ah! I was wondering why I couldnt find one behind my dash. I had the lot out yesterday searching for this box, took me 5 hours to put the interior back together.

Jilly.. Shame you hadnt posted this earlier, would have saved me a few scrapes to my knuckles.