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Loud squeak...brakes?


ClioSport Club Member
  Abarth 595
Now...I am pretty sure bbq sauce is not the cause of my issue this time 🤦‍♂️

What would be the most common causes be? I have attached some pics that as far as I can tell show that the pads are 'okay ish'.

I mean, I say brakes, but I am not certain they are the cause, just my assumption tbh. It does seem worse at certain angles - sometimes eases on corners for example and probably worst when going straight.

I do have a 2nd year service booked for a few weeks time so will obviously bring it up then, but its doing my absolute tits in at the moment.


If you're getting small squeaks then it could just be that the pads need taking out, cleaning the edges up and cleaning inside the caliper as there's a buildup of brake material

Some cars call for a dab of grease on the edge if they have stainless shims inside the caliper and if you don't put the grease on there they just squeal like f**k from vibration