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Lower gearbox mount, is it needed?

I'm about to change the subframe for a non-sport one, couldn't source a sports one where I live.
The non-sport one doesn't come with a hole for the lower mount however,
I don't fancy drilling the subframe if it isn't really needed, and local garages are utter sh** so I will carry the work myself.
When I bought the car it came with the lower mount missing the lower stud so it wasn't bolted to the subframe, just sat on it.
Looking at it, it seems as if this mount was only to carry the weight and can't really move anywhere anyhow. So if I'm right, I can just cut off the lower stud, rather than drilling a hole for it to go through.
What are your thoughts about doing this, or just not using this mount at all like a friend of mine did lol?


ClioSport Club Member
I would drill the subframe and fit it if I were you. The top gearbox mounts are quite brittle and you’ll end up snapping it if it’s taking all the weight of the gearbox, especially under load.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

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Have you made sure the subframe is the same width?

Otherwise you'll have problems with driveshaft length and all sorts.
No I haven't as mine isn't disassembled yet, but I know that many did this successfully so I believe it should be fine.
Only thing that bothers me is slightly narrower track potentially due to the wishbone bolt holes. Will find out later...