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Lowered 60mm

  clio 1.2 16v 54 reg
Can anyone post a pic of 54reg shaped clio with the 16inch 172 alloys on, with 60mm lowering springs on. The reason being ive just bought the rims but not sure whether 2 lower my car 35mm 0r 60mm. Cheers guys
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mine now on coilies tho


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My old 1.2 looked s**t hot...Bar the rear lights and skirts...Although they looked ok actually. :)

Went round corners 100x beta than my 172...
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60mm or more or i wouldnt bother, you could always get a fat bird and stick her in the back when you drive about if you want the 35mm look!
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I say, if you sell your car and the lad cant get it MOT'd because the garage requests it raised or spacers put on it, its a fail...... then its about the right height!
seriously though, so many people lower their cars by 30-40 mm and wish they went lower! 60mm or lower I say!!!
or you could go 80mm on fk's and any less be a ghey. :clown:
oh and i passed my MOT. less just say it just about fit on the rollers. lol

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For general road use, i'm sure they will be fine??

I've got a spare set of 172 alloys if i don't like 'em. :)
Martin_89 said:
you know about the handling issues 17s will cause dont you? dont mean that as a dig just incase you didnt and ended up dissapointed

im my opinon there isnt any handeling issues with 17s ive got 17s with 60mm drop on my clio i have had 16s before and cudnt realy tell difference only that ride was ever so silghty harder on crapy roads still have bags of fun round corners :)
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I'm wanting to lower but will 60mm not cause complications? I've got a 1.2 16v 55 reg with TD pro race 16'' alloys...