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Can anyone tell me please.....

I have my 172 (01) lowered on prima srpings 35 and 40mm, I am just about to upgrade my wheels from standard 15s to 16s. I would love to go to 17s but am not sure if theyd fit sinces it quiet low. Just noticed a lot of cars in teh Gallery, lowered on 17s. Whats the story? Can I fit 17s on or should I stick to 16s ?

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I assume this is a Mk2? There have been a few threads on this subject. If I remember correctly, you can get away with 30mm drop / 17s without any rubbing, even fully loaded. Cars lowered 40mm with 17s experienced some rubbing, although I dont think it was anything too restrictive.

A lot of the Mk2s in the gallery have Eibach springs which give a 30mm drop, but Im sure someone whos gone a little lower will chip in...
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Maybe a stupid answer but have a look on the gallery at the specs of the car to see if anyones match what you are going to do.

Most of them have a description of what they have had done !

Just a thought !

Thanks. But they might have had work done on the inner arch and not mentiioned. I just want to be sure before I go buy them.

thanks for the help.

17s should fit under even though u have a 40 mm drop, ive got 17s on mine with a 40 mm and theres 1 problem it scrapes on full lock a part from that its fine and looks really sweet, the arches dont have to be rolled either.

hope this helps :)

Evil Clio, have you a phase one also ? What profile tyres do you have with them? Do they bottom out when you go over a bump / dip at speed ?


hi tony, well may not be exact, I have a performance Pack I bought from Primma, Cat-less exhaust, Green Induction kit, upgraded ECU and Kent Cams. they reckon it would be somewhere over 190 and under 200. at the fly wheel. all I know is that is really really quick, I had an Impreza turbo for the last year or so, only sold it and bought the clio as I bought a house and needed something cheaper to run. The Clio feels just as quick now

Yeah i have a phase one clio 98 onwards mines an x reg.ive got 205 profile tyres.they do not bottom out wen i go over sum speed humps, but my front bumper is so low ive go over the speed humps at around 1 mph.with 17s on it makes the car slower expecially gling up hills on the motorway but with yours running at 192 bhp i dont think u will have that sort of problem:D