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Lowering a mk1 ?

  Clio 182
hi all my g/f has just bought a mk1 clio and were looking to lowering it whats the furthest u can lower it ? and any recomendations on springs etc ?? any sujestions would be great :) thanks for lookin!
depend what size wheel youve got m8, iv got 16's and have it lowered 35mm on front, and 60mm on the back!doesnt actually look that low, but it did rub quite abit!!so i would sujest smaller wheels maybe??if you had smaller wheels you could go alot lower!!

sorry this is bit vague, but hope it helps!!

my car


oh and its risky having alot of people in the car, especially in the back, does look good though!!

  Civic Vtec y0
That looks good mate! Got a PH3 as well, dont know what alloys 2 put on it!
cheers m8, the 172 alloys were a right pain to put on though!!!post pic of ur car if u can??:D
  Clio 182
correct me if im wrong bt has it got a torsion bar at the back of the 1997 model ? that motor looks smart btw. also theres 15" alloys on it so think it could be 60 all rond else that 2 low ?
  Civic Vtec y0
yea its a torsion bar, it will either come off really easy adn you will be laughing or it will be seized. In the case of it being seized, give up all hope straight away!
  Clio 182
ours is a 5 door aswell R reg.. its in good nick one old lady driver from new serviced every 6 months....timing belt just done =) bargain for 500 notes ..... girlfriends just past her test so will do her lovely just doing subtlemods the now =) only got alloys on it so far =)
rob182cup- yeah torsion bar on all mk1's i think, 60mm would be fine but you might need new shocks, there's one guy on here lowered 80mm, maybe more

cliomk1, yeah i memba sein a post a wile back with pics of ur car actually, looks good, defo need alloys though, if ur going for that look!five door looks ok actually!!

but yeah think the more subtle, the better they look, but thats jus me!!

  Clio 182
where can i get the 60mm springs anyone know ? looking to order them today then ill post the before and after pics :p
sounds original, but i actually got mine from ebay!!they are g-max, which i think are fine, but every1 on here seems to think they are sh*t, i think eibach r ment to be good!!:D
  Civic Vtec y0
yea only paid £220 for mine lol!

2 owners, mot til feb, had 78k on it when i got it, its now got about 81k lol
  Renault Clio 1.2
I tried doing my torsion bar the other week and it was seized to hell!

If it's seized am I better taking it to some where specialist to have it done or just keep trying myself?
Danlp6 said:
just soak it in lube!
Thats wat the Mrs says wen i do her up the....

Oh back to torsion bars i have done mine 55mm could go a bit lower think it may be about 65 at the back though... I've got 15s
Can vary between £80-150 lol its not a hard job, sounds a lot harder than it is!
I got a couple of guys off here to help me out and they fitted my whole kit and lowered it for me for only £70

Where bouts you based?