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Lowering...finally lol

  RS Meg 175
Right ive finally decided to have some lowering done after a few years of deciding lol and ahead of CC (is that a good idea) lol

what is the best lot to go with? i think im selling early part of next year so i dont wont major depreciation so i can get some money back :)

I was thinking of Sportlines :) how much would it be with fitting anyone know>? or even beter anyone wanna fit them for me :D (Hertfordshire nr Stevenage)
Chars :)
  RS Meg 175
i'd probably harpoon myself to the garage wall lol :O

any ideas on lowering types? reccomendations for my circumstances ? :)

Thanks peeps :)
  Burgandy 174 sport t
Y do u want to lower it? if u are gettin rid next yr and its taken u this long to decide its pointless imo
  RS Meg 175
yh i no wat you mean but im bored ratless with it and ive still got about 6 months :(
just looking for something to spark some enthusiasm inn the beast again lol
where is BB, black kro, i may be interested, is it def £122 including fitting. any ideas how long fitting will take?
  RS Meg 175
yh thats what i came to the conclusion of, their in essex :) pretty near :p

wonder how much they'd actualy charge