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Lowering my car

i lowered mine 40 and it improved the handling and i didnt notice any difference in ride quality.

Tom lowered his 60 without getting uprated shocks, hence the harsh ride.

If your going to lower more than 40, its defo worth getting uprated shocks.



yep dont be an idiot get new shocks

although mine will still corner faster;)

and it looks better

and dont try and find shocks that except a 60mm drop coz tere arent any

and remember 40mm= 75mm on a 172

so mine is 60mm drop which is the same (nearly) as dropping a 172 40mm



Quote: Originally posted by VivJ on 17 January 2003

whats the best amount to lower a 172mk2 and not lose ride quality?? and what shocks do you recomend??

35mm eibach springs

or wait for k-tec coilovers

all your motorsport and road tuning needs.

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01437 769777

try speaking to them, were really helpfull with me. I cant belive you cant get shocks to go with a 60mm drop. I may be wrong likes.
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If you have a 172 just get an Eibach Pro spring kit. Lowers just the right amount, great improvement in handling and still good ride quality. Pound for pound its the best mod you can make on a 172.