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Lowering spring for Clio 4 rs trophy

  Renault Clio Throphy
Hi guys,
I bought recently EIBACH PRO-KIT SPRINGS for my 2017 Renault Clio RS trophy.
When the mechanic installed me the springs I notice that they are longer than my standard springs that been on the car, but the mechanic told me because they are progressive springs and the original springs are linear it doesn't meter and he thinks that the car height won't be effected by that.
In the site I bought the springs ( Pure-motorsport) they mention they also can be fitted with the trophy version and in general they wrote the springs lowering the car 25mm front and 10mm rear, but from the factory the trophy is lower than the RS versions by few millimeters.
After we installed the springs I notice the height is higher or the same as been before and the car comfort with the Eibach is much better than the original springs.
Now my main worries is the performance in track use, can it possible that the performance in the track will be effected by the springs and the car performance will be worse with the Eibach than the original springs ?
In pure the product doesn't exist anymore I am attaching the same product from different site, I would like to know your opinion because it's bordering me a lot.

Big Toe

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Campus
Have you got any photos of the original springs? Are you sure they were OE?

Do you have pictures of the car before and after fitting the new springs?

Initially you’ve bought lowering springs that haven’t done what they are advertised as doing. But you need more information then possibly need to speak to Pure