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got a quote for lowering my mk2 clio for £200, he ses this includes labour and new springs. but i think he added in a little somat 4 him 2. wot have other paid?

Do you know anybody with spring clamps? Its not as hard as you think!

Get a mate over who know what hes doing and have a go your selfs!

Yes that does sound a bit much though....


Just need the clamps, Im a numpty at cars but watched a couple of mates at it and it looked not too difficult! Im just a cheapskate though thats why i reccomended for you to do it yourself! LOL


fair enuf, i am 2 as im a student, i was told under 100 which i am willing 2 pay, but not over, i aint gettin f**ked off by paying 200
  Clio 1.6 16V

Sounds a wee bit excessive at £200. Depends on what springs you go for. I got a Chassis Dynamics kit fitted to mine at the weekend. £165 supplied, fitted and alignment check (2 hrs labour). The springs themselves cost around £75.


Well, I mail ordered my springs and got some guys at National to fit them for me for £40 cash in hand. Well pleased with the job.