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Lucky Couple of Days

  Clio MK2 Phase 2 16v
Hi to all, new to all of this.

Well, live in central london, never needed a car. Ive got currently a 300cc Vespa GT to commute to work with.

Anyhow, managed to bag myself £1300, on a bet on the Man Utd Bayern game :eek: . So bought myself a 1.2 16v dynamique as a run around at the weekend, and paid for a years insurance too.

So the cars in good shape. Planning to do some work on it, new sport alloys etc etc. Basically got the car for free, but love the 172'2 and 182's, Id like to mod the car, but not over the top, more or less turn the exterior into a 172, and fiddle and work on the engine.

So good to find a good active community, and loads of info on here.