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Lucky me

  clio 20v

havin been on to k-tek to see if i could buy 1 lexus cluster to replace my broken 1 an being told that i have to buy a new set i wasnt happy

sum1 off rsc jus e-mailed me sayin hes broke the opposite side to mine and wants to buy my good 1

how lucky is that, more lucky than finding a group of naked horny models that are lonely after picking up ur new ferrari after winnin the lottery

ok mybe not that lucky

a complete willy engine and box FITTED for £X00 and now this! its enough to make a man sick! No doubt 2moro you will win the lottery, pick up your ferrari then find a bunch of naked horny models!
  clio 20v

cheers paddy, that or women only fit for modelin gloves lol

if there horny an naked though it wud be rude not too:devilish:
  clio 20v

clean- i hope so mate hehe obviously the rari wud be my daily driver savin the clio beast for dry weekends