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lumpy roof!

  silver 172!
hey guys
just purchased wat i felt to be a bargain, a 03 172 wit 75000, for 2K! mint bar one thing! lumps on the roof.

it looks like someone from the inside has stabbed the roof wit a pen! on the foof theres small lumps which you can notice from bout 2 feet away, was just wondering does anyone no this can be fixed or if think vinyl will help disgise this abit?

  Clio 172 Cup
My bro's clio had roof damage, looked like it had been hit with hammer in 3 places - quite major dents! but a local bodyshop got it nice and straight but it did require the roof to be resprayed - call in a few bodyshops and get some quotes. Only thing to note though is that the headlining is glued in, so access for a dent guy is not easy.