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LY 182 M5 yesterday, 6pm

  Clio 182 Cup
Hi, I was at CSS and only saw one other LY 182! I had mine there as well parked on the grass. I thought there would have been more of the LY's. What did you think of CSS?

  Focus RS + S3
Yeah i had a look around yours and was sat on the grass by it for part of the day
Was expecting quite a few more if im honest, as i wanted to get some ideas, but 2 out of the whole show was still pretty good at the same time,
I thought it was brilliant, had a really good day

  Mk2 172
I was working all day on sat and was on my way up north to look at a LY R26 with a mate of mine :)
Wasnt the right car tho. Very clean and tidy but scuff on bumper and few other bits so walked away.