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M**ATC (blonde chick)

  VW Transporter 174

If you are the chick with the gold clio with 16v bonnet and 17s that i was giving the "eye" this morning on the 127,do you fancy a drink?
could be a steak dinner in it for you at a beefeater!

172 Slayer

Well hello there 172 Slayer, it was most probably me you saw. Remind me what car you were driving and I will see if I can remember seeing you.

I love a nice juicy steak with all the extras! Which Beefeater have you in mind for our liaison?

Beefeater? Tigra? I used to think slayer had good taste.

Golden girl, if you can come to Hong Kong, I will treat you like a princess. Wont take u to such cheap cafeteria and will take you out in a nice and proper car, the famous frame red 172 Sport. My promise.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Hold on slayer is a man of taste after all he own a convertable XR3i (With Rust) and a gingem baseball cap, now that is class......

Is Slayer sad enough to create this fantasy for himself by registering himself again except this time as Golden Girl!!?? What a coincidence that 2 strangers (apparently) manage to post back to back messages on this thread instantaneously - conspiracy theory me thinks and a big pile of poo!
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Nonsense, my "friends" will be on soon, introducing R.Williams,D.Beckham,J.Lopez and K.Minogue