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M3s are quite quick aren’t they

Had a play with an M3 on the way home last night, had a couple of goes (me behind and him infront) from about 80 to !25 ish. I was with it from 80-!15 (4th gear range) but as soon as I had to slip it into 5th the M3 just left me!

I know the clio is only a small car and only a 2ltr, but I was quite imressed I stayed that close to him in 4th.

Afterwards, pulled up lvl and a big thumbs up. I dont really like BMs but it didnt half shift when the speed went up.
  Clio 197

They are quick. Depending on the model. On a twisty road things are pretty close and I had a lot of fun a couple years ago chasing a 172 with my Sport Evolution which is the top of the E30 range. The difference between front and rear drive was quite striking especially in a few damp hairpins. The M3 would be full opposite lock whilst the 172 was quite neutral.

On the open road, the newer M3s will leave the 172 in the dust though. Decent acceleration and a top speed over 170 when the limiter has been ditched.
  Clio 197

From my E36 M3 Owners Manual:

0-100km/h 5.5

0-120km/h 7.5

80 - 120km/hr in 4th gear 5.7

Standing start kilometre 24.7

These are the usual conservative figures that the Germans put out. It is usually very easy to beat them.


  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 03 March 2003

Yes the E46 M3 de-limited does 186mph
Was that your hubby gr?
No - ME!! (Only kidding Rob) ;)

Rob, no idea what all the Es are about, all I know was it was an S reg and had an M3 badge - too dark to see anything else. As for playing, I,m not sure, it seemed that he pulled away both times when I went into 5th, this would be hard to achieve it "playing".

Maybe it was just a powerful BMW badged as an M3 but it did take off at around 115mph!

soo many m3sa are just badged up lesser models

my boss has the latest m3 and that keeps up with my m8s TVR tuscan from a launch, we hit 155 in 5th at 7 and half K, with a change at 8k and still another gear to go :) gotta get it de restricted, my guess is u raced a badged up 330


  Shiny red R32

Each BMW body style is assigned a two digit number preceded by "E". The "E" stands for "Entwicklung", the German word for development.

In 1992, the new E36 Coupe was introduced. There were 3 models available; the 318is, 320i and 325i. The 318is featured a 16-valve, four-cylinder engine.

In 1993, the E36 Convertible was finally released. The M40 four-cylinder was replaced with a new, M43 four-cylinder engine. The 316i Coupe and the 325tds Sedan were also released.

In 1994, three E36 Compacts were introduced; the models 316i, 318ti, and the 318tds, with a four-cylinder diesel engine. The 316i and 318tds models were not available in the USA.

In 1995, the Touring or Sport Wagon model was introduced. The Touring was available as the 318i, 320i, 328i, 318tds and 325tds models. Only the 320i and 328i models were imported to the USA.

In 1996, a 318is Sedan was introduced, and finally, in 1997, a 316i Touring and a 323ti Compact were released. The E36 Convertible, the last of the model run, was discontinued in 1999.

The E46 is the body style for: 1999:- 323i, 328i
2000:- All 323 & 328s
2001+:- All 325s, 330s, and the M3 Coupe and M3 Convertible (There are no plans for an E46 M3 Sedan or Touring).

The E46 M3 started production in March 2001 and has 333 SAE horsepower.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Brother In law had one for a Brief spell. Running costs forced him to sell. (And he got my sister up the duff DOHHHHH!) Was the EVO version as well 3.2 320BHP one!

His was on a P plate. Fast as f**k. PInned you back in the seat. Drove it quite a few times. Certainly got a lot of looks from the "Older" ladies.

The Fuzz didnt like it too much. I am covered by a traders Policy. But they though I had nicked it. When I said the owner was 21 he thought I was taking the piss!!!

Some sketchy moments in it though. Good for Donuts and sideways action though!! BEautifull!! Sounded sweet. All those lovely throttle bodies at full chat!

Hit the limiter in every gear up until 5th trying to catch an M3 on an 93/94 plate. He was always a few car lengths ahead but then I ran out of puff and he just tore ahead into the distance....

My first reality check but it was fun, in a twisted way...:devilish:

Quote: Originally posted by geoff_clio172 on 03 March 2003

Im saving for my M3 so hopefully by the time Im 50 I can get one!

Why save when you can have my dads carbon black, 19inched one now!

No, he took it off the market for a bit. The main problem is a new flood of cheaper imports which have come over from french/german dealers. They order RHDs from the factory and sell them here the cheeky b******s! So my dads car (fully loaded) costs the same as a brand new one, so stupid people go for the imports! UK models are still over list though..

Hes not desperate to sell it anyway, he just needs to get shot of it by about summer so theres a space in the garage for the TT V6!
  Revels Mum & Sister

He needs to save to get any M3 though doesnt he silly billy ;)

How much is he selling his for??
  Revels Mum & Sister

Hmm lots of pennys.

It isnt the Coupe (convetible version is it)

They look smart as f**k with those 4 tailpipes. Brother in laws one only had the 2 on one side. New ones look smart as f**k.

Is it any quicker than the older shape one? (P plate)

Its the coupe yeah (my dad doesnt drive tarts cars lol), its a 52 plate so a new one, it does 0-60 4.8 which is the same as the DB7 vantage we had and can do 186mph without the limiter. Thats half a second quicker to 60 than the older M3s. The exhausts are too small! Sounds good at high revs though, really good.

I know its not an M3 but I managed to out pace (but only just) a Y reg 540i today. He booted it off a roundabout on the inside lane and I did the same on the outside lane he was hoping to overtake me on the inside but I managed to keep a 1/2 a car infront and he eventually ran out of room and had to drop in behind me when he approached traffic, I let him by then, as he was in a rush to get to work and I wasnt, he was none too ammused.

I passed a Porsche 944 on the mway a couple of weeks ago. As soon as he noticed me, he gave chase. I floored it in 4th and was impressed that I was holding it off. But as soon as I slipped it into 5th at *15mph it was game over and he shot off to some ludicrous speed. I later passed it as it was turning off and we gave each other a gentlemanly wave. Fortunately for my pride, I spotted the "Club Sport" badges on it as I passed.

The 172s 5th gear grunt is shockingly bad, unfortunately it is the 172s major weakspot(should have been shorter geared to about 130), but in every other gear it can go very well for an average 2 litre with 165 bhp.

Bye Bye

Dunno bout everyone else, but Ive seen LOADS of new shape M3s on the road - See the odd one or two of the older shape a month (sometimes less), but the latest ones (mainly 02 and 52 plates), I see about 2 - 3 a week!


E36s are quite quick in straight line but not best round corners.

New shape e46 are now starting to seriously come down in price as theres loads about - they do shift.

Quote: Originally posted by geoff_clio172 on 04 March 2003

Rob - Wish I could but cant afford the car, the insurance or running costs. When will they make a diesel M3!
Havent BMW just realised their latest diesel with more torque than the M3 and has an SMG type box? Also has the M-tec kit.
  Silver Fabia vRS

The new 330d has 204bhp and 410Nm of torque (and does 62 in 7.2 secs!) which is more than the M3 which has 365Nm torque but the M5 has 500Nm torque!