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Mac cleaning software

  BMW Z4
Hi Guys,

Ive had my mac roughly 8 months now and i am noticing its starting to run a bit slower now, obviously its to be expected once things are uploaded songs on itunes and pictures ect, i have an external hard drive that i plan to upload pictures to and get them off the comp but is there an app or anything i can use to 'clean' my mac up and speed it up in general i am no computer boffin so i dont know what i should be deleting on a weekly/monthly basis. If anyone can help that would be great.
  BMW Z4
Read reviews about clean my mac and people say it cleans i ttoo much but doesnt actually speed it up?


ClioSport Club Member
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If you have a 2011 or earlier pro you can put an ssd in the superdrive bay. I will be when i can afford to.
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Ccleaner is a more usable Clean My Mac alternative. I have both and use Ccleaner as it's quicker (& free IIRC).
Won't really 'speed it up' though.


ClioSport Club Member
Jesus that's jumped up in price, I only paid £62 yesterday!

Beware of the reliability of these drives. They are fast though. Mine failed in 2 weeks, Guy from eBuyer told its very common

Cheers pal, I have read one or two stories. Fingers crossed and I will keep the drive I remove in its current state just incase.