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Mac Maximus 300

  Megane R26

So whats this sub like people, can get hold of one quite cheap, noticed there going for £210 on car audio direct. Will be powering it using a Vibe monoblock3.
  Polo + Micra

to me it looks very bling, which can some what reduce the quality imho.

150W RMS really aint alot for a sub but it may be under rated
  Polo + Micra

150 RMS/300W peak power handling. taken from cad

500wRMS according to mac website:confused: but only an XMAX of 5mm

[Edited by Dink on 6/15/2005 3:16:47 PM]
  Megane R26

Sorry for being a tard XMAX?

Any recomedations on subs, Dont wanna go to high in $$$ max 150-200
  Megane R26

If I could get the maximus in an enclosure for arounnd £60 you reckon thats good? Im going from a Vibe AC10, and I want more bass :p. Dont wanna spend alot. Ie get away with as little as possible!

in all honesty. youd be better sticking with the ac10, you wont gain much apart from flexibility by using the vibe mono and maximus 300