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MAJIC Plates

Anyone of you ever tried out those plates that you cant take a picture of?

I saw them up the NEC when the motorshow was there and he showed me.... they seem to have worked with his digital camera but do they really work?
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

if u get followed by a copper his light will reflect on the plate and ull get a bollocking!!

Rotating plates are the way to go!!

Ive got a camera shy plate...

Ive been pulled twice with it on and both time the police havent noticed it.

Both me and several mates have taken photos of the back of the car and even using photoshop to enhance the image you cant make it out!

You can buy a nifty little gadget that back flashes the camera.... its suppose to be to avoid paparrazzi ... but it works on speed cameras too.I dont have one I just remember seeing them.Also if I remember rightly they are legal.... due to a loop hole

I looked into this and Backflash units are just as illegal as white-out camera shy number plates. Basically if youre caught you face being charged wth preverting the course of justice and theres a good chance theyll come down hard on you to make an example. Id rather be caught speeding than face a bigger fine, possible jail and a criminal record!! The best bet is a Geo-desy and a Valentine 1, pretty much fullproof set up.

Not that I approve of such behaviour, but if you use a photography slave flash mounted correctly you can get the same effect as these properly marketed backflash systems.

I know someone who did just this on his motorbike some years ago. He got a good quality slave unit and fitted it just above the numberplate on the back of his Ducati. Dont know how effective it was though!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

There are 2 burnt out ones near where I live, and the other year someone chopped the head off of one!

Believe it or not its quite a decent area!!