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making up plates

I'm looking to get a cut down one for the front of my car -
I want to keep the standard sized lettering, but with the plate a bit smaller (not silly small though) I emailed fancy plates the other day asking if I can have that & they never got back to me:dapprove:

Does any one know if they'll do it ? (i have a couple of 1's in the plate so it shouldn't be a problem)
ive just emailed them too, o well i may ring them instead. this is what i want mine like:

  Monaco Blue Mk2
If you just want a cut down plate with the full size lettering just get a hack saw and file out. I did. Does a fine job.
Cat171, if you do it this way you can keep it legal, leave an 11mm gap all round and you'll be fine.

I now have the real deal 3/4 sized plate from fancyplates though. Looks much better IMO.
Ask fancyplates to cut it down so there's 11mm between the edge of the letters and the edge of the plate.

That's the minimum legal requirement and does make a difference to how it looks :)