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Manual sunroofs on new clios ratteling

Have had my handle on the sunroof replaced under warrenty on my 2001 Clio, but it still rattles! Anyone know a cure, its a pain when stereo is off. Any ideas would be cool, thanks.


I have the electric sunroof in my car and it has been back to Renault no less than 5 times for the same rattle. The sunroof had been replaced but this didnt cure it. The rattle got worse in hot weather too.

What was happening was the structural supports in the roof itself which surround the sunroof frame fixings were expanding slightly in the heat and were creaking/rattling against each other. They are packed out with mastic (spelling) from the factory but mine had somehow not had enough in it. They finally cured it by packing out these areas with some silicone. Sounds like a right bodge but I have had no rattles since.

Your dealer is unlikely to know about this cure so it is worth suggesting it next time you take it in.


Alright guys mine rateled but it seems to be sorted know I asled them and they said they added a rubber strip to it no problems so far TOUCH WOOD!



Mentioned this the last time the car went in, it is better than before but not cured. As i am swapping it, this will be something i look for on the next one and have sorted early!!!